NFL: Extra Points May Or May Not Change


The NFL did not make any changes to the current status of the extra point.  As of now it is remaining as it has.  There is however, a possibility that a change could be coming to this relic of a choice of play, and it could be as soon as this coming year that the change takes effect.

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There is another meeting in May, where the league could make a decision on changing up the lifeless extra point attempt that has pretty much gone along the waist side as far as exciting plays are concerned.

Some of the options that have come about as suggestions to make the extra point a bit more competitive, dare I say, is moving the extra point back from the 2 yard line to the 15 yard line.  This would take the 19 yard attempted field goal and push it back to a 32 yard extra point attempt.

Will this move make it more interesting? It is possible.

After crunching the numbers and looking at the stats, out of 1230 extra point attempts, only 8 were missed.  So there were a total of 1222 successful extra point attempts which come out to be a 99.35% success rate, unless my math is wrong.

Now if the extra point is moved back to be a 32 yard attempt, then the percentage of success does decrease, but I was not able to break down the stat for only 32 yard field goals.  The range I looked at was between 30-39 yard attempts.  Within in this range there 302 attempts last year and 272 were successful.  This is a percentage of success of 90.10%, a bit of a drop from the almost perfect extra point that we have come to love and hate all at the same time.

With the move back, I think that there is a possibility that it does make it a bit more interesting.

The other option was to move the 2-pt conversion up to the 1 yard line to entice coaches and teams to go for it more often.

It would be interesting to see if the league actually makes a decision on this in their upcoming meeting in May, or if they table it again to later in the year and look for a 2016 rule change to bring a little more excitement to the extra point play.

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