NFL Declines Additional Instant Replay Challenges


In the league meeting the other day, there was a number of unsuccessful challenges on changing the rules and most of them were in the form of expanding the instant replay.

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There was only 1 of the instant replay changes that made it through and that allows the referrers to verify the game clock at the end of the half, game or overtime if there is more than 1 second on the clock.

One challenge that is beginning to gain some momentum is one from our good friend, Bill Belichick.  He is pushing that the 2 instant replay challenges be able to be used for anything within the realm of the game.

"While there’s not enough support among owners (yet) to make it happen, more and more of the coaches and General Managers believe that the two automatic replay challenges per game (three if the first two prevail) should be available for any error the coach believes can be overturned by indisputable visual evidence.“Some people are biting tongues or shaking heads as their clubs vote against it,” said one source who was in the meetings on Tuesday.  The measure failed to get an endorsement from at least 24 teams, causing it to fail.–"

One of the main reasons why the challenge continues to fail with the 24 required votes is the explanation of the reason why it is being opposed by the NFL.  The NFL is striving to have each call correct, but we all know that with the use of humans as part of the equation, nothing will ever be correct, there will always be something that is missed and called incorrectly, but the effort is there to get every call right.

So where is the issue.  It stems from the NFL not providing enough or adequate information to the teams as to why the coaches are not able to challenge every call that the referees make.

"It’s possible that the NFL fears allowing coaches to challenge everything will eventually result in all potential errors falling within the scope of the automatic challenges that happen after scoring plays, turnovers, and within the final two minutes of a half and overtime.  It’s also possible that the NFL isn’t comfortable with a split standard.–"

Here comes the double standard which we all love and hate.  When trying to strive to make everything equal, fair and correct, there can not be a double standard and that is where the NFL is living on this one at this moment.  Until they can provide sufficient information as to why it won’t or it caves and it allows it to, we will still have to live with and bear the incorrect calls each and every game.

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