Buffalo Bills Jacksonville Jaguars Game To Be Streamed Online


The Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to be facing off in week 7 of the NFL season across the pond in London.  This is another installment of the NFL trying to cross boarders and bring the NFL to the worldwide stage.  

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The game will be televised on that Sunday morning, due to the time difference, but only in Buffalo and Jacksonville markets.  The rest of the nation, if they want to see the early broadcast of football and start their morning out right, will have to stream the game via the internet.

DirecTV will also not have the rights to carry the game either.  It is being looked at that the NFL will most likely be selling the streaming rights to companies like Yahoo or Facebook to stream the game via the internet.

Many individuals, as I was one of them, had DirecTV solely for the ability to watch out of market games that I could not get where I was or that individual was at.  This will not be the case for these out of market fans this year as DirecTV will not have it.

You have a couple of months to start and figure out if your internet speed is sufficient to stream a game online.  Most Americans do not have the internet capabilities or internet speed to stream games seamlessly online, although there are some that this comes second nature to.

The NFL could be doing this to try out what could be the future want and need of online viewing.  There will be a time when the internet will be able to broadcast everything and anything that we want and will just need to connect to out televisions to do it.  There will be a time when satellite dishes are a thing of the past and all you will have to do is head to the internet.

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