Percy Harvin Still Visiting With Buffalo Bills


Percy Harvin flew into Buffalo yesterday and is continuing his stay through at least today.  Percy Harvin has made the Buffalo Bills his first stop on his free agent tour to determine where he might want to play next after being traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the New York Jets midway through last season.  

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Harvin was thought of as a model citizen when he first was in Seattle, but things started to come out to go against that thought.  Locker room issues and attitude were a couple of the issues that got him traded to the New York Jets.

During his half year in New York, there was no information as to a bad experience in New York so it looks as though the model citizen portrayal was back with Rex Ryan.  There was obviously something there that Rex Ryan liked and Percy Harvin for that matter if the Buffalo Bills were his first landing spot once free agency opened.

It is being rumored that where ever Harvin lands, a 1 year contract might be the bill of sale for him to basically try him out, without the long term commitment for a team that is unsure if he will cause any issues within the organization.

It has been reported that Percy Harvin is comfortable in Buffalo and with him being here for another day, there could be a mutual feeling that is keeping him here.

"“His visit has been great. I know that he’s very comfortable with us,” the source told Anderson. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if he takes another visit and does his due diligence. I think there’s a sentiment that there are some in Percy’s camp that want him to play with a more experienced quarterback, but I believe we have some really good pieces here.”–"

Percy Harvin is looking to get out of that role player “gadget guy” that the source also told, and is looking to get into a more traditional role as a wide receiver for a team.  For the Buffalo Bills and Percy Harvin, this might just be the place to make it work out.  Buffalo could use a dominate receiver across from Sammy Watkins to add another weapon on the field.

Harvin has said that he will do what he needs to, to help his team win, which very well could be a situational player and “gadget guy” for most teams, but he does have talent that will make him appealing to others as well, beyond a situational “gadget guy”.

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