Percy Harvin Visiting The Buffalo Bills


The Rex Ryan effect and connection seems to be having another effect on a player.  Percy Harvin is visiting with the Buffalo Bills and making them his first stop in free agency. 

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Does he stop at one? Only time will tell.

Percy Harvin was traded to the New York Jets from the Seattle Seahawks mid-year last year.  The reason for the departure was mainly due to locker room issues.  Harvin is a player that can make a difference in a game and has in the past.  Even with being traded last year, Percy Harvin still graded out at a +2.5 playing in 563 snaps.

Adding Percy Harvin to a Bills team that is in the market for improving their offense, dramatically, which they have basically done so far, would be a decent fit if Percy Harvin comes at the right price.

With the Buffalo Bills pretty much providing Charles Clay with an offer sheet that will most likely be in the area of about 7.5 million, something that the Miami Dolphins probably will have a tough time matching as well as they are already bringing in TEs as they fell Clay will be gone, there is not a lot of extra money to be slung around within the cap to make a substansive offer to Percy harvin.

The Buffalo Bills are still in the market for an offensive lineman as well and will have to take that into account.

Would Percy Harvin add to this team? Absolutely.  Adding Harvin on the opposite site of the ball as Watkins, will create a mismatch somewhere on the field or a double team that will allow the other to be open.  With Robert Woods and Chris Hogan as your possession receivers underneath, Harvin’s addition will add depth to the wide receiving corps as well as additional options in the passing game.

Along with the running back corps, Jermone Felton and the possible addition of Charles Clay, this offense will be able to line up in any possible formation, and even some that don’t exist at this point and they would be able to run or pass out of it at any point.

It will be exciting to watch as well as exciting to see how a defense, if at all, can defend an offense that can stretch the field both vertically as well as horizontally.

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