Last Mock FA of 2015 Year


My last Mock FA of the year as the negotiation period begins tomorrow and man I am I excited, this is my fifth favorite day of the year behind: Christmas, My Birthday, The NFL, 1st NFL Game of Year/1st home game, and finally first day of FA. The trades of LeSean McCoy and Matt Cassel have set the scene for an interesting and exciting offseason for Buffalo Bills fan.

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My first act as General manager was signing to change up Shady’s contract. Shady’s contract was extended a fourth year but there was less money on the actual cap hit. His actual contract is four years 5 million per year with a 10 million dollar signing bonus.
Contract Extensions
Next was resigning the three impending free agents for long contracts that would guaranteed they stay with the organization for a long time. Stephon Gilmore was the first to sign, he signed a 6 year 6 million dollar per contract with a 8 million dollar signing bonus. Next to sign was Marcell Dareus who voided his fifth year option to sign a more cap friendly deal this season. Dareus contract locked up the 24 until he is 32 years old. Dareus is a young superstar who will be signed until he retires or can be extended until that time. Next up was Cordy Glenn who was extended for five years at the modest salary for Tackles of 5.5 million per year with a 12 million signing bonus. Final contract renewed was Nigel Bradham who was extended for four years at 4.5 million per and 8 million signing bonus. These contracts are the wave of the future, lower cap hits with big signing bonuses.
In House Free Agent Signings
Then I resigned the pending Free Agents, my favorite player on the Bills Lee Smith was signed to a 3 year 1 million dollar per year salary. Special teams ace Marcus Easley received the same contract as Lee Smith. Both contract resign important secondary players on the Bills roster, Lee Smith being the Buffalo Bills enforcer and Marcus Easley is a certified Special Teams sniper. Next was Jarius Wynn who was signed as a off the street free agent in march of last season and came and was the best player at both DE and DT as a substitute. Wynn received the same contract as Smith and Easley.
Day 1 Free Agency
Now with all of the in house players resigned and restructured we head into the signing period for players that weren’t on your team for the previous season. The first player that signed a contract with the Buffalo Bills was Jermaine Gresham. The former Bengal signs on with the Buffalo Bills for 4 years at 5 million dollars a year with a 4 million dollar signing bonus. Next was the Mauler in the middle, the Samoan Smasher, the player who add some serious strength to offensive line, Mike Iupati signs a 5 year 7 million dollar per year contract with a 7 million dollar signing bonus.
Day 2 Free Agency
The Buffalo Bills made two big signings on the first day of free agency and has three other players flying in to visit facilities on day two. First person off the plane was the Bills answer to Jerry Hughes not resigning. That person is Dwight Freeney, the veteran pass rusher signed a 2 year 3 million per year contract within an hour of coming to the facilities. Next is a Veteran option at RT with Byran Bulaga signing a 6 year extension with the Packers right before free agency. The Bills bring in veteran tackle who played extremely good last season for the Dallas Cowboys, Doug Free. Doug Free was a positive 8.5 overall according to PFF. Free was a positive 5.8 in run blocking which was the 11th best out of tackles in the NFL. Although Free in up there in age he is still one of the best FA available at RT. David Harris is on the list of above but since he recently resigned with the Jets this is null and void. Meaning the 5 million per contract year over 3 years is voided. The final FA who signed with the Western NY organization flew out of Logan International airport and landed in Buffalo later in the day after all the media left the airport. Terry Pegula himself met him on the tarmac while he got off Pegula’s private jet. He arrives at the Buffalo Bills compound and meets with Rex Ryan on schemes in his position group. Then he meets with Fred Jackson, Eric Wood and Aaron Williams, after meeting with them and eating dinner he heads up to Doug Whaley’s office where he inks a 5 year 7 million dollar per year contract. The Press races to one Bills Drive to meet the newest member of the Buffalo Bills, as Terry Pegula, Russ Brandon, Doug Whaley, and Rex Ryan head out onto the podium Devin McCourtey walks out as Rex Ryan introduces him as the newest member of the Buffalo Bills. That concludes the big spending period of the Buffalo Bills free agency.
Day Three
Another former Greg Roman offensive players joins the Bills as Kassim Osgood joins the Buffalo Bills. Osgood is a big red zone threat and a excellent special teamer who excelled in punt and kikc coverage and on punt block. Osgood has potential to become a great red zone threat, one that Bills currently don’t have on there roster. Osgood joins Marcus Easley in the WR/ST position that are important for success in the NFL. Osgood signed a 3 year 1.5 million dollars per year with a 2 million dollar signing bonus. The final signing of the Free Agency period is another Quarterback, Chase Daniels who played extremely well in the back role in Kansas City Chiefs and because of the signing of Justin Houston they have no cap space to resign some of their major assets. Daniels is an extremely strong passer and someone who will push EJ Manuel in training camp. Daniels signed a two year three million dollar per year contract. This is now a three horse race into training camp, unless the Bills draft another Quarterback at some point in this years draft. This wraps up the Buffalo Bills Free Agency Period for 2015 although there will be more when June 1st roles around and more off the street free agents.

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