Buffalo Bills Rumors: Bills To Make Offer At Charles Clay


The Buffalo Bills have not been sitting back by any means this offseason.  They have gone out and seized the day by bringing in players that will make a difference this year.  They have brought in and restructured LeSean McCoy‘s contract in exchange for Kiko Alonso.  They have brought in a veteran quarterback in Matt Cassel for basically a draft pick and they have re-signed Jerry Hughes to a new five year deal worth 45 million dollars.  

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The next move that is rumored for the Buffalo Bills to make, is to make an offer for TE Charles Clay.  Now Charles Clay is not a free agent as Miami has applied the transition tag to Clay at just over 7 million for this coming year.  It is only a 1 year contract so unless Miami can put together another contract that Clay likes, they will be in this situation again next year.

With the transition tag, a player is free to go out and seek another team that is willing to match or better the contract that has been provided by the original team.  They original team is given the opportunity to match the contract provided.  If they don’t they the player is able to sign with the offering team and nothing will be provided as compensation.

It is being rumored that the Buffalo Bills are set to make Charles Clay their next TE and with that providing an offer that Miami will not be able to match.  With Miami working on a deal for Ndamukong Suh that will fall into the range of highest paid DT in the league right around 140 million, as it is being rumored, they will not be in a place financially to match an offer that the Buffalo Bills are suggested to be making.

Charles Clay is the most well rounded TE that is out their at the moment and within reach for the Buffalo Bills.  If Buffalo is able to provided a 4-5 year contract for Clay, I think that it would be in their best interest to make the move and provide a contract that the Dolphins can not match.

Is that something that Buffalo can handle?

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