C.J. Spiller Turns Contract Down Before Trade


The Buffalo Bills made a move and brought in elite running back, LeSean McCoy two days ago.  A move the surprised everyone.  To nab the former Eagles running back, the Buffalo Bills had to give up a little bit.  For McCoy, Kiko Alonso was the price.  Good or Bad? Too early to tell, I think. 

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What is also surprising is that C.J. Spiller was offered a contract by the Buffalo Bills for 4.5 million per year.  Without any more details it is tough to say what length of contract was and what, if any, for guaranteed money there was and if any bonus money came along with it.

When Spiller turned down the deal, it was said that the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles finalized the principles of the trade within 20 minutes.

Does C.J. Spiller make the right decision on turning down 4.5? Again, without contract details it is tough to tell, but for Spiller and his history, I can’t see him actually getting an offer for that much on the open market come March 10th.  He will get a good idea of what teams are going to be paying for him when the legal tampering window opens on March 7th, where teams can begin to talk to free agents.

"Running backs haven’t struck it particularly rich in free agency of late, but Spiller’s probably not unrealistic to think he can do a bit better than $4.5 million a year in a league where Toby Gerhart and Donald Brown each got deals with an average of $3.5 million a year as free agents before last season.– PFT.com"

In the end though, C.J. Spiller thinks that he can get more on the open market and I believe that LeSean McCoy is a far better running back than C.J. Spiller is so for what the Buffalo Bills gave up in Kiko Alonso, a strengthened position for them, and receiving a top notch back in a position that had some question marks due to age and ability with the other three that were on the roster, bringing McCoy for Spiller is a much better outcome and just signing C.J. Spiller to another 4 year deal or something to that effect.

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