Buffalo Bills Look Towards David Harris With Kiko Gone


The Buffalo Bills have, for the time being, traded Kiko Alonso to the Eagles for LeSean McCoy to strengthen their running back corps.  Kiko Alonso was a guy that just expendable based on what Rex Ryan is looking for in his defense.  The defense finished 4th last year without Kiko and what is to say they won’t do the same this year.  

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The New York Jets have opted to not apply the franchise tag to linebacker David Harris and there quite possibly could be a reunion between Harris and Ryan in Red, White, and Blue colors this coming year.

David Harris has been part of the Jets for the same amount of time that Rex Ryan has been and he knows Ryan’s defense.  With Kiko being shipped off, and it still won’t become final until March 10th, when free agency opens, the likelihood that David Harris becomes a Bill has increased over the past couple of days.

David Harris has been in the league since 2007 but knows Rex Ryan’s defense and will be able to teach it and help with the understanding of the process and philosophy behind it, teaching the other linebackers as well as the rest of the defense.

This could come in handy to get the rest of the defense up to speed quickly, as this will be the 3rd different defensive philosophy in 3 years for the Buffalo Bills.

In 8 years, David Harris has recorded 30 sacks, 6 interceptions and 579 tackles.

Rex Ryan is known for going after the guys that he wants on his team.  He showed up at Bart Scott‘s house at midnight on the first day of free agency and Rex was able to land Scott.  If Ryan wants David Harris, Ryan will get him no matter the means.  Look for David Harris to be a first day signing when March 10th rolls around and if he is not, I would be very surprised.

For Rex Ryan, having someone on the roster that knows the defensive scheme and how it should be run, will ease the transition and allow this defense to get up to speed much faster than if there was a fresh start for everyone.

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