Buffalo Bills Trade For Matt Cassel


The Buffalo Bills made a deal yesterday to bring in LeSean McCoy and add to their rushing attack, by adding an elite runner to the backfield.  Moments ago, the Buffalo Bills have made another move by bringing in a veteran quarterback that is a major improvement from the quarterbacks that have been on the roster the past couple of years. 

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The Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to a trade to have Buffalo bring over quarterback Matt Cassel and undisclosed draft picks with the Buffalo Bills sending undisclosed draft picks to the Vikings, as per BuffaloBills.com

As with the LeSean McCoy trade, the trade has been agreed upon in principle but will not become official until March 10th.

Matt Cassel has been in the league for 10 years and will bring a veteran presences to the Buffalo Bills that has long been missed.  He became well known after he got out of the shadow from New England and landed in Kansas City where he started for the first 3 seasons averaging over 3000 yards per year for those three years.

The next two seasons only had Cassel starting half of the games being replaced by Brady Quinn in 2012.  Cassel found greener pastures in Minnesota for the next two years but split time with Christian Ponder in 2013 and only started 3 games in 2014 with Teddy Bridgewater starting the other games.

Cassel, over his 10 years has been pretty consistent sitting at just below a 60% completion rating.

Matt Cassel will improve this offense from what it was last year with Kyle Orton to what it will be this coming year.  I also believe that having a veteran quarterback situated within the system will also attract some free agents that might not have looked in Buffalo’s direction without the veteran presence that is there now.

Depending on the draft picks that are sent and received, it is too early to tell on whether or not the Buffalo Bills or the Minnesota Vikings won this trade.  If it is any indication as to the way the Buffalo Bills are handling the LeSean McCoy trade, then I think that it might be safe to say that the Buffalo Bills may be 2 for 2 on trades this year.

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