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There is no debate in that the Buffalo Bills need a tight end and not just any old tight end but one that can make a difference, a play maker, one that can catch the ball and be a productive part of the offense, a guy that defensive coordinators lie awake at night trying to figure out how to defend them.

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There are only a couple of those guys out there and one of them might actually be a free agent come March 10th; and that guy is Julius Thomas.

Julius Thomas has had back to back seasons with 12 touchdowns and has been a certain target for Peyton Manning while in Denver.  Julius Thomas is that dynamic tight end, who is also looking to be the highest paid tight end in the NFL this coming season.  He is looking for his pay day.  Although there could be some other options for the Bills in free agency or the draft if they don’t want to pay the money.

"“Thomas is a tremendously talented receiver, but is reportedly seeking a contract that would make him the highest-paid tight end in the NFL. Cameron has the ability to be a difference-making force, but has been prone to concussions.”– HNGN.com"

Without a set quarterback, it could be a tough sell for the Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills to bring in a guy like Julius Thomas, but we all know that money talks.  The Buffalo Bills are sitting with about 30 million in cap space and we know that some of that might be going to Jerry Hughes.  COuld the rest happen to make its way over to Thomas?  Next to Mario Williams, in the past 5 years, signing Thomas would definitely be hitting the ball out of the park.

"If the organization is dead set on making a splash and willing to commit the type of money Thomas is looking for, the two parties could come together on a deal. Thomas is coming off back-to-back seasons with 12 receiving touchdowns, though Jason Fitzgerald of Overthecap.com argues that he is the most overvalued free agent on the market.– HNGN.com"

Other options for the Buffalo Bills would be Jordan Cameron and Jermaine Gresham as well as Charles Clay, who is reportedly seeking about 6 million per year as a contract.  Within the draft, the Buffalo Bills could also be targeting Maxx Williams, who is the top prospect in the draft or Clive Walford who is another promising, attractive option as well for the Buffalo Bills.

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