Buffalo Bills Rumors: Frank Gore Reunited With Greg Roman


C.J. Spiller and the Buffalo Bills have not been able to come to terms for a new contract and when March 10th hits, C.J. Spiller will be a free agents.

As for the Buffalo Bills and their new ground and pound philosophy from Greg Roman, they will need an additional running back to help with the load that will be expected of them to return to having a dominant ground attack as they have had in the past.

Frank Gore, might just be that guy.  He is Mr. Dependable, only missing 10 games in his entire 10 year career and has not missed one in the last 4 years.  Gore finished with over 1100 yards last year on 255 carries and has a 4.5 yards per carry average.  He is a back that can catch the ball out of the backfield but can also, run between the tackles and punish any defender that could possibly try to meet him head on.  With Carlos Hyde nipping at Frank Gore’s heals, this might be a good time for Gore to rejoin his former offensive coordinator and see if they can’t get to a playoff spot together.

Frank Gore does have a down side though.  His age.  Gore is set to turn 32 during the offseason and with the Buffalo Bills already having a running back on the “wrong side of thirty” in Fred Jackson, who still has shown that he can play, as Frank Gore has as well.  Do the Buffalo Bills want their two highest paid running backs to be, when added together, in the range of 65 years old?

That is a risk that the Buffalo Bills have to decide on whether or not they want to take it.  Personally, I think that with Fred Jackson, Frank Gore, and Anthony Dixon, the ground and pound could really take off.  I am concerned with the injury aspect, but at any point any player can get injured.  Bryce Brown would be your change of pace guy as well as possibly a part of the third down passing game as well.

With C.J. Spiller pretty much out the door at this point, Gore is a viable option for the Bills that will be able to come into this system and start from day one.  No learning curve and can get on that field, as well as be a mentor.  Pretty much anyone else, and especially anyone from the draft, there is going to be time that will need to be taken and no one will be as ready to step on that field than Frank Gore would be coming to Buffalo.

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