Buffalo Bills News: Jerry Hughes Update


The Buffalo Bills and Jerry Hughes, or at least his representative have been in constant negotiation talks and it does not look like it will stop at all during this week.

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The Buffalo Bills are trying not to use the franchise tag on Jerry Hughes as it will be in the range of 14 million for this coming year, and are looking to get a better deal and secure the defensive end to a long term deal.

At this point, with the negotiations still going on, it is a good sign that they may get a deal done.  Both sides are optimistic on getting a deal done and if one is finalized before the free agency period opens in about 10 days, look for Jerry Hughes to be the one that moves to the other outside linebacker in the new Buffalo Bills 3-4 defense.

"“Just the way the talks have been going, and talking to Jim Overdorf and Russ Brandon, and their conversations they’ve had with their representatives, and the relationship we’ve had with their representatives on some deals we’ve done in the past, makes me feel pretty good that this thing should be able to come to a conclusion in our favour.”– Tip of the Tower"

The Buffalo Bills are coming into their negotiations strong and not shying away from providing Jerry Hughes with some numbers that are keeping him at the table at this point.  Should the negotiations begin to go south or stop all together you can bet that the franchise tag will not be used hesitantly.

With the Buffalo Bills looking to spend some money on keeping their front four intact.  This does include some money that is probably earmarked for Marcell Dareus to make sure that he is lined up for the next couple of years as well, there may need to be another area that will lose out on some of the love per se.

The Buffalo Bills, last year, signed Aaron Williams to a 4 year deal and paid him decently too, I might add, but with that you have another player in Da’Norris Searcy that has not come up for a contract negotiation and the amount that he will be looking for is not going to be in the Bills price range.  I can’t see the Buffalo Bills paying two Safeties big contracts and with Williams already locked up, there is probably no way that Searcy is back next year.

"“It’s unfortunate, but that’s just the NFL life. You only have so many cap dollars to spread around and if you invest highly in one, and the way he played, he may have a chance to go out there and get the same type of money with Aaron,” Whaley said to Murphy. “But you can’t have two safeties back there with that type of cap number. So that one’s going to be a little more challenging, but we’re going to try to make it work.”– Tip of the Tower"

With Searcy most likely on his way out, look for the Buffalo Bills to insert another hybrid safety, Duke Williams, or even turn to veteran Corey Graham to fill the spot next to Aaron Williams this coming year.

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