Buffalo Bills Early Odds For Wins/Losses


We are waiting for the free agency period to begin and really start the excitement for this upcoming season.  But before that can happen, we have to wait another 10 days before Free Agency begins.  March 10th is the date to mark on your calendars.  It is also the end of the franchise and transition tag period, which is going on right now.

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Dalton Kincaid: Grading the Bills' No. 25 overall NFL Draft pick
Dalton Kincaid: Grading the Bills' No. 25 overall NFL Draft pick /

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  • Although we are waiting for something to happen with the Buffalo Bills, Vegas has already begun their traditional over/under betting on the records for each of the teams.

    As we figured the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks lead the top of the chart with an over/under of 11 wins this year.

    The lonely team at the bottom of the list is that of the Oakland Raiders with a over/under of 4.5 wins.

    The Buffalo Bills, however, normally in the bottom half, at least in the past couple of years, has moved up in the world and are sitting right in the middle of the chart with an over/under of 8.5 games.

    There are only 9 other teams that have a higher over/under than them and 9 teams that have an equal over/under.  Which means that they are projected to do better than 13 other teams, of course this is in the early stages, where no one has really made any roster moves or changes to this point.  Wait until free agency hits and we see a couple of teams moving around on the chart.

    Here is what the list looks like for the rest of the teams:

    "New England: 11Seattle: 11Green Bay: 10.5Denver: 10Dallas: 9.5Indianapolis: 9.5Baltimore: 9New Orleans: 9Philadelphia: 9Atlanta: 8.5Buffalo: 8.5Carolina: 8.5Cincinnati: 8.5Detroit: 8.5Houston: 8.5Kansas City: 8.5Pittsburgh: 8.5San Diego: 8.5San Francisco: 8.5Arizona: 8Miami: 8N.Y. Giants: 8St. Louis: 7.5Chicago: 7Minnesota: 6.5N.Y. Jets: 6.5Cleveland: 6Washington: 6Jacksonville: 5.5Tampa Bay: 5Tennessee: 5Oakland: 4.5– Profootballtalk.com"

    Now last year, the Bills were more towards the bottom, so there must be something that the oddsmakers at CG are seeing with the Buffalo Bills. Here is the link to see lasts years rankings for the entire league.

    Last year they were tied with 6 other teams with an over/under at 6.5 wins and were only projected to be better than 2 other teams, the Jaguars and the Raiders.  So there is some thought of improvement here.  We will have to wait until free agency and the draft and will revisit this after each period to see if there are any major changes to the rankings.

    Where do you think that the Buffalo Bills will finish this year?  Will they be on the cusp of a wild card spot with over 9 wins or will they stay pretty much where they were last year?