Buffalo Bills History: Who Wore It #28


Continuing with our series of Who Wore It for the Buffalo Bills and taking a look back at the history and who was part of it with the Buffalo Bills, we take a look at those players that wore the number 28 for the Bills.

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  • During the years, there have been 15 players that have wore the number 28 for the Bills.

    We start off in 1968 with Richard Trapp out of Florida.  Trapp was only in the league for two years playing for the Bills and the Chargers the year after in 1969.  For the Buffalo Bills, Trapp, as a receiver was able to catch 24 balls for a total of 235 yards.

    Roy Reeves is the next Bill to wear the number 28.  He played for the Bills for only 2 games in the 1969 season.

    Ike Hill is the next we see in the number 28 for the Bills.  He was primarily used as a punt and kick returner during his 2 year stint with the Bills.  Hill has 33 punt returns in 2 years and had a total of 235 yards.  He had 21 kick returns for 445 yards in the same time frame.

    We move on to the the player that held possession of the number 28 the second longest in Buffalo Bills history; Dwight Harrison.  Harrison was with the Bills from 1972 until 1977 as a defensive back.  In his 6 years with the Bills he was able to take 17 interceptions and returned them for 258 yards and had 1 touchdown.

    Just a couple years after Harrison, we see number 28 back on the field in the form of a cornerback named Rufus Bess.  Bess was with the Buffalo Bills for 2 years.

    In 1983, the Buffalo Bills and the number 28 saw Judson Flint at Safety.  Flint was only active for 1 game during his 1 year in Buffalo.

    Greg Bell is the next player to take control of number 28.  As a running back he was with the Bills for 3 and a half years.  During his time in Buffalo he was able to amass 589 carries for a total of 2420 yards on the ground with 19 touchdowns and a 4.1 yards per average.  In addition to the yard on the ground he had 108 receptions for just over 1000 yards and 4 touchdowns.

    Larry Kinnebrew is the next Bills player to don the number 28.  Kinnebrew played FB for the Bills for 2 years and had 140 attempts for 551 yards and 7 touchdowns.

    Chris Oldham was part of the Bills during the 1991 season for only 2 games and then was traded to the Phoenix Cardinals.

    We come to the player that held the number 28 in his possession for the longest timeframe in Buffalo Bills history; Thomas Smith.  Smoth wore 28 from 1993 until 1999.  In his 7 years with the Bills he was able to nab 6 interceptions and amassed 230 tackles.

    Travares Tillman was with the Buffalo Bills from 2000 to 2001 playing in 28 games and starting 10 of them.

    From 2002-2005 Kevin Thomas was seen wearing the number 28 for the Bills.  In his 38 games with Buffalo, Thomas finished with 62 tackles.

    Anthony Thomas is the next to be in the number 28 during the 2006-2007 seasons.  As a running back and playing in 26 game, Thomas was able to gain 467 yards on 143 carries.

    The two most recent players to wear the number 28 for the Bills started in 2008-2011, Leodis McKelvin wore 28 for the Bills.  He switched numbers to 21 when the current number 28 joined the Buffalo Bills; C.J. Spiller.  Both players are still currently on the roster, but C.J. Spiller being a free agent, may be playing ball for a different team than the one that drafted him 5 years ago.

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