Josh McCown Isn’t The Best Option For Buffalo Bills


It’s not every year that a bunch of highly valuable quarterbacks hit the free agent market.  A majority of the time, quarterbacks that are worthy of sticking around are either re-signed or have their contracts extended before the time comes.  And if you’re a back-up quarterback just waiting for a chance to get your chance to start, you’ll probably be traded so your former team can get some type of compensation.

The 2015 NFL off-season is not different; teams don’t have the luxury of a Peyton Manning  hitting the free agent market (well, maybe they will).  So organizations like the Buffalo Bills have to settle on bringing in un-deserving veteran talent to compete and push the younger guys.

Ok, so that might be a little harsh.  Josh McCown has proven during his eight different NFL stops and one UFL (United Football League) stop that all you need is one very consistent half season to get a $10 million contract and given the job right away over a deserving, young prospect with upside.

Last year, while playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, McCown proved that his stint with the Chicago Bears and the production he put up was merely a fluke.  In the eight games played with Chicago, McCown put up 13 touchdowns to just one interception while completing 66.5% of his passes.  In the 11 games played with Tampa Bay last season, his production dropped to 11 touchdowns, 14 interceptions thrown and completed 56.3% of his passes.

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So is McCown really the best option for Buffalo?  Absolutely not.  The organization will continue to be mediocre and miss the playoffs if they take fliers on quarterbacks that have proven they can’t get the job done.  And what’s the hurry?  Free agency starts in less than a month (March 10) and they’d have the ability to pursue, arguably, the best back-up quarterback in the league in Matt Moore.

The defense is all but set up for a playoff run for Ryan.  What he really needs is a quarterback that can take care of the ball and manage the offense.  But if he wants to continue having offenses struggle, then McCown is the route to go.