The Pegulas Bought The Buffalo Bills; Now The Fans Buy New Stadium?


So you want to keep your Buffalo Bills? Well, all that needed to happen was Terry and Kim Pegula write a check, and now the Bills future is set in Buffalo. There is just a one problem the NFL and it seems the Pegula’s want a new stadium. There have been multiple reports of four site that could be a potential home for the new Buffalo Bills stadium, and while the majority of Western New Yorkers seem to agree a downtown Buffalo site is best; there is an equal amount of people in the area that are saying not on our dime.

I’m on the side of if you want it you pay for it, but that is not how these things work. It’s been a “tradition” that the NFL and the billionaires that own the team suck off the public’s tax dollars and then rake in all the profits. If you look at that alone I think you will star to see the no matter what Erie County has to say about it the NFL will win. If a downtown location is selected than a lot will need to happen. People and business will need to be moved and the roads and rail system improved. Some of that is good for the city, but what may not be good for Buffalo and Erie County is expecting people to write the check.

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Buffalo is a working class community and while inside the city limits things are improving we are still a long ways away from have the extra cash to just toss at a new stadium. The only way I’d be okay with a new stadium is, well… never mind. I’m not okay with being strong-armed into possibly taking on come of the cost associated with a new build.

I’ve said in before and I’ll say it again this is Buffalo, not Dallas and if the NFL wants new stadiums just because they think shinny things are cool; then they need to grow up. The game is football not polo. There is no need for a pristine playing environment, and there sure as heck is something to be said about the tradition of going to the Ralph.

Now, I understand that times are changing and the NFL is trying to be a “better” than you league, but it not like the Ralph is unusable. If the building was crumbling at our feet I’d say go for it. But it’s not, and other than wanting to create sports nirvana in downtown Buffalo I see no real reason to spend tax dollars.

I guess its true the Pegula’s bought the team, but Buffalo Bills fan may need to pay some of the Bill to make the NFL happy.