What was the top Bills game of 2014?

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No. 2: Stafford Stifled (Bills vs. Lions 10/5)

Plain and simple, this one came down to field goal kicking. To be blunt, it was not Alex Henery‘s day at Ford Field in this first weekend in October. He made both of the extra point attempts he had in the first half, giving the Lions a 14-0 lead at the break.

But when the second half started, a flip switched and the Bills defense was now allowing field goal ATTEMPTS instead of touchdowns. Key word there being attempts, because Henery missed all three of his in the second half, including two in the first two drives of the game and a potential game-winner with 26 seconds remaining.

In the fourth, Kyle Orton was able to find Chris Gragg for a two yard touchdown catch to cut Detroit’s lead to 14-12 and then the two-point conversion tied the game when Fred Jackson pounded it up the middle.

After Henery missed his game-winning attempt, it was Buffalo’s turn. Orton found Sammy Watkins over the middle, who had a ridiculous catch by tipping it back to himself and hauling it in. It was then Carpenter’s turn from 58 yards away, and he made it look easy, firing it right down the middle with about five yards to spare to give the Bills an unexpected victory over Detroit 17-14.

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