What was the top Bills game of 2014?

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No. 3: Manuel, defense lead Bills to big win in Windy City (Bills vs. Bears 9/7)

It was Jay Cutler and the Bears high-flying offense against the unproven Buffalo defense who had lost 2013’s best defensive player in Kiko Alonso.

The Bills forced two Cutler interceptions to keep them in the game, and it ended up being Chicago in comeback mode at the end of the game. After the latter of the two picks was taken by Kyle Williams, EJ Manuel led the Bills offense down the field to take a 20-17 lead with 4:07 remaining.

The veteran quarterback was able to get even, however. After a touchback and 12 plays later, Robbie Gould kicked a game-tying 37-yard field goal to tie it at 20 with 37 seconds remaining.

Chicago was not able to score on their overtime possession, and the Bills took over at the 22-yard line. The man of the drive was Fred Jackson, singlehandedly taking Buffalo down the field to the Chicago 1 with the last play featuring a giant stiff arm to get three feet from the pylon.

After a kneel down and a delay of game penalty, Carpenter drilled a 27-yard field goal to give the Bills the overtime 23-20 victory.

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