The Buffalo Bills Stadium Hunt Is On, NFL Needs To Back Off


The NFL wants to micro manage everything that goes on in the league. That includes the Buffalo Bills stadium hunt, but I think the NFL needs to back off and let the Bills do their thing. If a team wants or needs a new stadium that shouldn’t be of any concern to the NFL. All that should matter is are the players and fans safe in the current location, and they are.

Would a big shinny new stadium be a draw for the team, maybe? But, with that new stadium will come a lot of changes in how the fans view a game and it will also

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change the landscape of Buffalo forever. Maybe the NFL should think more about the city the team calls home and less about making another billion dollars. Frankly the fact that the NFL has said a new stadium NEEDS to be built is a darn joke. There is no reason to build a new stadium, and further more there is nothing really wrong with the Ralph.

I understand that teams like the Dallas Cowboys want everything to be bigger and better, but let’s face it; if everything was meant to be the same the NFL would just pick one design and say this is a NFL stadium go build it. The fans and atmosphere are different in Buffalo, and that is what has made going to Ralph Wilson Stadium both a great experience and a nightmare. It all depends on how you like to spend time before the game. But to the Buffalo Bills stadium needs to be new, and needs tax payers to help is not only dumb, it’s wrong.

Yes, Terry and Kim Pegula have the money to do just about whatever they want, but holding a franchise hostage because some owners don’t like coming to Orchard Park is nothing short of a crime. But, as we know Roger Goodell and his minions need to back off and let owner run their team. As long as a team is making the league money than I say just close the office door and tell Goodell to just fade away.

I know that will never happen and maybe it’s not how the NFL works, but can someone tell me why or how the league can dictate what stadium is an NFL stadium and what ones are not? They can’t! There are teams that need to be relocated and teams that cheat, but a new Buffalo Bills stadium is a concern?

Mr. Goodell may be from the Western New York area, but clearly he no longer understands the real world. It’s time the NFL backs off and lets the Buffalo Bills worry about the Buffalo Bills.