Buffalo Bills This Day In History: January 19th


Nov 24, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Buffalo Bills fans cheer in the stands after a touchdown during the third quarter against the New York Jets at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have a long history of football in their blood lines.  Anyone that comes here; players, coaches, or fans, know that the history runs deep.

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  • It runs deeper than some even think.  The Buffalo Bills were added into the NFL back in the 1970’s but that wasn’t their first attempt to get into the pro football league.  The Bills tried before than but were shot down and not allowed to joined the league.

    The year 1949-1950 off season.  The Pro Football League, the NFL, and the All-American Football League (AAFL) were joining forces and adding teams back on January 19th, 1950.

    "At league meetings in Philadelphia, Buffalo’s hope for an NFL bid was backed by old-time owners George Preston Marshall of the Washington Redskins, Tim Mara of the New York Giants and Art Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers.– Buffalo News, Steve Cichon"

    When the AAFL and the NFL merged together to form the National American Football League, which was really only known that way during the couple of months of off-season and reverted back to the National Football League, the Buffalo Bills were left out when the merger took place.

    The vote in Philadelphia ended in disagreement and the league stated that they didn’t want to add a 14th team to the league.  So the two league merger ended up with 13 teams total.  It wouldn’t be for another 20 years when the Buffalo Bills would be merged into the NFL when the AFL and NFL merged in 1970.  The Bills were part of the AFL from 1960 until the merger in 1970.

    "“Pro football owners reject Bills’ bid”“Buffalo is out of the new National-America Football League.”“The gallant bid of Buffalo to “Keep the Bills” failed today when 13 club owners of the new pro football league defeated a motion to increase the league from 13 to 14 teams.”–Buffalo News"

    The Buffalo Bills have been around for 65+ years, even though they have not been part of the NFL for that entire time, they have been a part of the AAFL and the AFL as well.  The roots run deep in Buffalo and will continue with the Pegulas at the helm.

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