Rex Ryan Will Be The Buffalo Bills Coach: Time To Circle The Wagons


I almost spit out my coffee this morning. It’s being reported by almost every NFL outlet that the Buffalo Bills are working on hiring Rex Ryan to be the next head coach in Buffalo. This news comes after last night’s second interview with Ryan. The Pegula’s wanted to make some noise and that have. Bringing Ryan to Buffalo is about more than finding a head coach. It sends a message to the rest of the NFL that the Buffalo Bills are no longer a “small market” franchise.

There are a few big concerns with this potential hire. Rex Ryan has a losing record with the New York Jets (six seasons, going 46-50). He was able to reach the AFC Championship game in both of his first two seasons in New York, but that success was short lived. The Jets were basically just like the Bills. They had a good defense but now QB on the other side of the ball. It’s still unclear how he will turn around the Bills, but his don’t take crap attitude may jump start some players.

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Rex Ryan is a defensive coach known for being aggressive, and with the Bills the fourth ranked defense and the most sacks in the NFL Ryan will be able to do whatever he wants. But, that basically means Rex doesn’t need current defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Most head coaches like to bring in their own people, but the combination of Schwartz and Rex Ryan would be a scary thing to see.

If you are hoping the Ryan can develop a QB you are wrong, but Ian Rapoport reports that former Bears coach Marc Trestman may be brought in to help with that problem. Ryan has no shortage of swagger and doesn’t hold back how he feels. That’s something that Bills and local media will need to adjust too.

For those of you who do not follow the Buffalo Sabres this hire may have caught you off guard. Terry and Kim Pegula are going to spend money like it’s going out of style, and they do not want to have a small market team. In fact I don’t think they believe there is anything small market about Buffalo. As I said earlier hiring Rex Ryan is twofold. It brings an established head coach into Buffalo; something that has not be accomplished before. It also put’s the NFL and its teams on notice. The Bills have the cash, and the intention to do whatever it takes to bring a Championship to Western New York.

One quick thought for Ryan, not that he will ever read this. Rex, if you think coming to Buffalo will be any easier than coaching in New York City (New Jersey) you are dead wrong. Bills fans are smart and expect improvement. If you are going to wear the Bills logo than fans will expect you to bring respect and glory back to One Bills Drive.