NFL Playoffs: Last Nights Troubles Make Bills Fans Smile


If you’re a football fan you love the NFL Playoffs, but last night the NFL Playoffs were given a black eye. In the Cowboys vs. Lions game the officials became the center of controversy.  While this looks bad for the NFL Buffalo Bills fans understand how it feels to be on the bad end of a blown call, and last night’s example of “normal” officiating makes us smile. Now we know we are not alone.

The call in question is something that causes problems for most teams during the season, but the fact of the matter is once the flag hits the turf on a

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judgment call that should be the end of it. The call was a pass interference penalty and it was correctly called on the field. Here’s where the conspiracy theories lovers will have fun. Pete Morelli after calling the penalty chose not to enforce the call. There was no expiation given and the Lions would go on to lose the game.

Bu this time of day most people have read about this stupid call, but not everyone has really given it a lot of thought. This year’s NFL Playoffs may end up having a little shadow of doubt over it, and it’s all the NFL’s fault. Like many pro sports the NFL has a lot of officials that flat out stink at their jobs, and a rule book that looks like the yellow pages. At some point there was going to be a big blown call at a really bad time and it happened last night.

With all of that being said…

Dear Detroit Lions fans,

Welcome to the club of the unwanted contender, welcome to the side of the fence where you are left wondering what if. What if that call went the other way? As Bills fan we understand how it feels to think the NFL has it in for you, and we welcome you to our club with open arms and a cold beer. After all you welcomed out team into your city when we had nowhere else to play a game.

But, don’t go running for your tissues just yet. Football is a game of 60 minutes, and one play shouldn’t be the deciding factor in the game. Let’s not forget your team let a two touchdown lead slip away and made the Cowboys look like possible champions. The NFL may favor bigger markets when it comes to Thursday night games or Monday night games, but to go so far as to fix the NFL Playoffs; that’s a bit of a stretch.

Your season came to a crashing halt because two things happened. The Lions choked a little and an official made a bad call in a big game. We are sorry, but that happens every week in the NFL.

Trust us, this will sting for a while, and the questions you have will forever go unanswered. But, you do have something to be happy about. Your team made the Playoffs. Do you have any idea how much Bills fans would like to trade places with your team just for a Playoff game?