Knee Jerk Reaction Buffalo Bills vs Oakland Raiders


Dec 14, 2014; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone during the second half against the Green Bay Packers at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Buffalo beat Green Bay 21-13. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

This game was a sh** show, plain and simple, it was extremely buffaloian in nature. The Bills needed to win this game and now they are out of the playoffs for 15th straight year and it really was terrible. This loss included a plethora of check down passes that went for negative yards, a coach who should be on his way out making calls of a scared 10 year old on madden.

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That is the short and long of it. He needs to get out of Buffalo because he is crippling an offense by keeping a Quarterback in who has no right being in the game. Keeping a young QB who could be getting experience after a terrible three quarters football. This is an absurdity that the team is being led by someone is afraid to throw ball down field except when they are trailing excessively.

The Bills need to go into this off season and overhaul this offense because it has been atrocious as of late. There just needs be  difference in this offense, because the Bills are just terrible, just awful in this game because an inferior team just went out and played like they were the ones who were playing for their playoff lives and the Bills looked like a team that was coming into the game at 2-11. There are many to blame and the blame does not lie solely on the back of the coach(although that’s where a majority of it deservedly goes). The offensive line was made into mince meat by the Raiders defensive line. Kyle Orton looked like two face in the pocket a eighth the time the Bills Quarterback looked like someone who could his receivers with zip and accuracy down field. The rest of the time he looked like a scarred senior citizen who can only under throw his grand child from three yards away. I need some times and brewskis to truly process what happened today because of the terrible play by our offense. The defense was on the field so much and had two key injuries that really hurt them and 7 straight 3 and outs don’t allow your defense that much rest. Time to wash away your tears with your beverage of choice.