Jim Schwartz: Bills MVP


When the Buffalo Bills hired Jim Schwartz to be the new defensive coordinator many Bills fans knew they would have a good defense. Bills fans were well aware of the fact that they had  roster loaded with talent and that Schwartz was a great defensive coach with the Lions and Titans. Little did they know he would be the savior of the 2014 season.

To say that the Bills have won the majority of their games due to the play of their defense would be a huge understatement. The Bills offense has struggled all season and undergone a change at the vital quarterback position. While the Bills offense  has struggled to put up points and consistent drives all season long, the defense has been a catalyst of excellence all season long.

In 2014 the Bills are 4-0 against the NFC North division despite being the underdog in 3 of 4 games against those opponents. To say that Jim Schwartz and his familiarity with those teams would be an understatement. When Schwartz was head coach of the Lions he became all to familiar with the Bears, Lions, Vikings, and Packers. His familiarity with those foes has clearly benefited the Bills when they have faced those teams.

Jim Schwartz was essentially run out of town by the Lions and the media after last season. The end to his run in Detroit was not glamorous by any means, however, he did manage to take the Lions to the playoffs in 2011. Even this year the Lions are clearly still benefiting from the solid foundation that Schwartz built in Buffalo. When you can say that you took the Lions to the playoffs as a head coach, you are clearly doing something right.

Since Jim Schwartz arrived in Buffalo he has clearly established a culture of dominance and an attitude of winning to the Bills defense. While the tools of excellence may have been provided for Schwartz in Buffalo, he has clearly maximized their potential to an all new level of excellence. Considering the Bills defense has shut down the Broncos and Packers offense in the last two weeks, that alone shows how valuable Schwartz has been.

However the rest of the 2014 season ends, will ultimately determine the fate of most of the Bills coaching staff. Now matter how the rest of the season plays out, Schwartz not only deserves a pay raise, but perhaps a promotion. If the Bills don’t take notice and take care of business, surely another team in the NFL will.