Buffalo Bills Fantasy Outlook


The Buffalo Bills are coming into week 15 and still have playoff hopes.  They do need a lot of help from teams around the league to get into the playoffs at this point, but winning is still the main thing that they need to focus on.

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As most fantasy leagues enter into the playoffs and some that are in their second week of the playoffs.  Lets take a look and see just where your Buffalo Bills stand as far as waiver wire pickups for your teams as well as possible sit ’em start ’em players.

Kyle Orton: Orton is averaging 16.81 points per week through the 9 games that he has played.  He is projected to put up 18.6 points this week against the Packers.  Orton has been able to hit a high of 30 points this year, but has also had a low of 5.92 points.  With a shoot out on his hands, I think Orton will put up the 18 points.  He was able to get just over 20 against the Broncos.  If he can get Watkins involved, a 20 point day should be in the bag.  He is a decent guy to play if you have a tough match-up with your starter.

Fred Jackson: Green Bay has given up the 17th most fantasy points to a running back so far.  Jackson is back in the swing of things and getting the majority of carries.  If you have Jackson and are playing in a PPR league, then you are set up for another big day.  Check downs seem to be the new game for Orton and the Bills.  Look for Jackson to be a good play as a RB2 this week projected to put up just over 12 points.

Sammy Watkins: Watkins has been either a hit or miss for fantasy owners this year, but the risk/reward is too much to put him on the bench.  When he hits he hits big.  A good match-up for Watkins and the Bills receivers as the Packers are giving up the 3rd most points to WRs this year.  It is set to be a big day for Watkins, if Orton can get the ball to him.  Projected at 10 points even against the Packers.  I think he goes over and will be in the 14 to 16 point range.  2 TDs for Watkins this game.

Robert Woods/Chris Hogan: Both of these guys seem to be switching on and off weeks.  If one is hot the other is not.  Orton usually will find a favorite between these two based on the coverage and match-up he is seeing.  Tough to tell who will have a good game, but in a PPR league either or might not be a bad play as a WR3 or low Flex Position.  They are both projected in the 5 to 7 point range for the game.  One will have that. 

Scott Chandler: Scott Chandler is another that is up and down from one week to another.  Chandler is a big target in the red zone, but if the Bills don’t get there, don’t expect much out of him in the point area.  The Packers are decent against TEs allowing only the 15th fewest points per game.  Doesn’t look to good for Chandler as I don’t think he will see a lot of looks as there will be mostly check downs during the game, I hate to say.  Not even an option, there are much better out there.