Buffalo Bills Playoff Outlook Week 15


Dec 7, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone looks at the score board in the fourth quarter against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Broncos defeated the Bills 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills took a tough loss to  the Denver Broncos in week 14.  They lost by only 7 which could be considered a moral victory in itself.  But a moral victory is not going to put a W into your win column and get you into the playoffs.  Or could it?

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The Buffalo Bills are 3 weeks out from completing their 2014 seasons and in week 15 they are still in playoff contention.  They do have a chance and it will be a tougher road to the playoffs in which they will need a lot of help from other teams and they also now need to beat Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, who have been on point all season.

But think of it this way, before we get into the games and your rooting guide for the Bills this week, when is the  last time we had two December games that had playoff implications? Better yet, with a win this week, the Bills could be looking at a meaningful December and to have a chance to make the playoffs.

Here is your rooting guide for week 15.  Obviously the Bills will need to win this week.  That is almost a must.  I think that they still will have a small chance if they lose this week, but will need every AFC team to basically lose this week and next for that to happen, but we will take a look next week when the time is right.

Atlanta vs Pittsburgh – I think it goes without saying that Bills will need as many AFC teams to lose this week and when they are playing NFC teams, it is quite helpful that head to heads and tie breakers don’t get in the way.  The Bills need Atlanta to win this game.

Miami at New England – With Miami still being ahead of us with a better AFC record, we have to root for Tom Brady and the Patriots this week.  The Dolphins did beat the Pats back earlier in the year so this will be a grudge match for Brady.  Pats to win.

Oakland at Kansas City – This is going to be a key game for the Bills.  I think right now, the first two games could be pulled off.  This is the game to keep your eye on.  We need the Raiders to pull another upset off and beat the Chiefs.  The Chiefs have been known to have a strong start and then completely fold on themselves in the past so we can only hope on this one.  Rooting for the Black and Silver.

Texans at Colts – The Colts are in the playoffs and are currently sitting in the 3rd spot.  A win over the Texans will help keep them below the Bills this week as they do have the tie breaker over us.

Jacksonville at Baltimore – We could use some help from Jacksonville, but that might not happen against the Ravens this week.  It looks that two of the 4 AFC North teams might make it into the playoffs.  If the Ravens win this week, that might almost slide them into a permanent spot in the playoffs, especially if Pittsburgh and Cleveland lose this week as well.  Rooting for Jacksonville.

Bengals at Browns – With the tie breaker over the Browns, the Bengals are the ones we would like to win.  I think that the Bengals will be the 2nd AFC North team to make the playoffs so limiting the amount of help we need will always be good.  With a Bengals loss, the Browns jump ahead of them and the Bills would move into the 5th place spot barring any thing changes from my outlook.  But limiting teams from the mess is the easiest way for the Bills to make the playoffs right now.

Broncos at Chargers – This is the final game that the Bills have to keep an eye on.  We need to look for Peyton to start his new touchdown streak against the Chargers and with the tie breaker going for the Chargers right now, a loss will help the Bills on their road to the playoffs.