Buffalo Bills Playoff Outlook


Nov 30, 2014; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills fans hold a sign from the stands during the second half of the game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Bills won 26-10. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

So here we go Buffalo Bills fans.  Week 14 is upon us and the Bills are sitting at 7-5 and in 8th place over all and 2nd in the playoff hunt.  At the beginning of the year could you see the Bills being above .500 and sitting right on the cusp of the playoffs? Well, they are.

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Looking at the games and playing around with the playoff scenario machine, the games that are up this week will have no immediate affect on the Bills and gaining a spot into the playoffs.  They will however have an after effect come next week and those game moving forward.

That doesn’t mean we can’t put together a rooting guide for this weeks round of games.  The first and most important game is the Bills as always.  Without the Bills winning, the playoffs get farther and farther away.  They have a tough match-up against the Broncos this week but I think it is an easier game than next weeks Green Bay game.

The Pittsburgh/Bengals game will be one of the games I am keeping an eye on.  The Bengals are in the lead in that division but the Steelers, Browns, and Ravens are not far behind either.  The Bills don’t really have to worry about the Browns with the head to head matchup in that division, but the Steelers could still cause problems.  I have the Bengals winning the division so keep on winning.  It will help us in the long run.  Bengals over the Steelers.

The next game to watch is the Dolphins and the Ravens.  Again there is that AFC North Division.  We really need both teams to lose as they are currently ahead of us and in the last remaining playoff spots.  A Ravens win now will help us out more in the long run with the Dolphins.  Ravens over the Dolphins.

Colts versus the Browns is another game to watch this week.  We have the match-up over the Browns right now, but even with an Indianapolis loss, they will still win the division in a terrible AFC South division.  A win by the Browns would just muddle up the wildcard race.  Indianapolis over the Browns.

Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  This game has minimal affect on the Bills.  The Texans are below us but with a Texans win and a Bills loss this week, they are right back ahead of us.  It will be a long shot, but the Bills need a win from the Jags this week.

Cardinals and the Chiefs game is the next one we will look at.  When an NFC team is playing an AFC team, we want the AFC team to lose every time at this point.  Simple as that.  Chiefs, have the advantage over us in a head to head tie breaker so Chiefs need to lose this week.

The only other game that has any chance of affecting the Bills place in the race the the Patriots/Chargers game.  This game we need the Patriots to beat the Chargers for the same reason that comes into play with the Chiefs. They have the head to head on us so a worse record is needed on both the Chargers and Chiefs front for the Bills to stay ahead of them.