Buffalo Bills Friday Morning Reactions


Nov 13, 2014; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Kyle Orton (18) reacts at the line of scrimmage during the second half against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins won 22-9. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It is a good thing that there is only one Friday Morning Reactions.  The Buffalo Bills lost another one that they should have won handily.  The Miami Dolphins played consistent and the Bills started off strong and were able to go into half with a 6-3 lead.  It looked like it was going to be a defensive game, which played to both of their strengths, because neither team had a strong Red Zone Offense.

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So what went right with the Bills yesterday night?  The defense played well and kept the Dolphins no more than 20 points.  They, at times, gave up a couple of big plays but, nothing that would have broken the bank.  They got to Ryan Tannehill and were able to stop the run consistently.  The defense again, played to their ability and kept the Bills in the game.

What went wrong? The Bills offense is unable to score any points, besides field goals, and even Dan Carpenter is starting to miss.  Kyle Orton had a strong start when he took over, but now, the honeymoon is over and Kyle Orton looks just about as good as EJ Manuel at this point.  The offense looks bland and the offensive line can stop a child if it tried.  Kyle Orton, last night, looked like Captain Check-Down reincarnated.

There were a couple of questionable calls against the Bills, but you know what, it happens every week to almost very team.  It is a human element that won’t be fair at any point, until penalties are able to be reviewed.  It is something that has to be dealt with.  Teams that are not playing well, will not get the calls.  The Bills need to play better and it is as simple as that.  The offense needs to become more of a risk taker.  I would rather see the Bills taking shots down the field and making 50% of the plays than 95% of the plays only going for 2-3 yards.  Take a shot down the field.

At this point, the Bills are basically out of the playoffs. For them to have a shot, they need to win the last 5 of 6 and with the last 3 of 4 being against the Broncos, Packers, and Patriots, they will most likely not beat 2 of 3 of these teams, especially if they can’t beat the likes of the Chiefs and the Dolphins.

The Jets and Browns are up next and these are must win games for the Bills to have any shot at the playoffs, and it seems we, again, are in the conversation of must win games and we will need a lot of help from a lot of teams, because it is so close in the AFC right now.  The Bills will need to overcome, almost 2 division spots to have a playoff spot.  The head to head match-up between the Dolphins is now void, they can tie with the Patriots for head to head and sweep the Jets.  That will give them a 4-2 record in the division which will help in tie-breaking aspects.

Maybe it is time for Manuel to come back in.  At this point, give him the experience.