Buffalo Bills Week 10 Outlook


Sep 28, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone during the second quarter against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. The Texans defeated the Bills 23-17. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills are coming into week 10 and besides winning their game, who else do we need to watch and root for to help the Bills get to where they need to be a bit easier.

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A Microsoft Cortana has been predicting the games each week after it debuted with the World Cup and went 15 of 16 in predictions for those games, has moved onto the NFL, and hasn’t had as much success but is predicting the correct outcome 66% of the time and is 80% correct since week five.

Cortana has the Chiefs winners over the Bills with a 61.4 chance.  Not a big advantage, but Buffalo lives to be the underdog.

As far as the rest of the games, here is the help that the Bills need from around the league.

The Browns face off against the Bengals and Cortana has the Bengals as winners with a 59.8%.  As the Bengals are 5-2-1 and have better winning percentage than a 5-3 team, both the Bills and Bengals, the lesser of two evils here would be to go with Cortana and root for the Bengals.

Dolphins at Detroit.  The Lions have a 65.9% chance of winning based on the predictions.  We need Detroit to win so go with Cortana again.

Titans at the Ravens is another match-up that we should watch.  For the Bills, the Ravens are below them with a 5-4 record but another loss would be helpful, we need the Titans to win, which is going against Cortana who has the Ravens winning with a 72.9%.

The final game that the Bills could use some help with is that Steelers/Jets game.  Unfortunately, we need to root for  the Jets on this one again and hope that they can get it together for this week.  The Jets need to beat the Steelers to help out the Bills on this one.  Cortana has the Steelers as 74.2% favorites in this one.  Hope and pray on this one.

The bigger games are the Dolphins and Browns games for the Bills.  Again, all of this doesn’t really matter if the Bills don’t win.  So Go Bills!