Can The Buffalo Bills Make The Playoffs


Oct 26, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Robert Woods (10) celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the first quarter against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills are sitting above .500 along with 11 other teams in the AFC.  It is, however the first time that they have been at a 5-3 record in 3 years, which is a good showing for them.  They are only 1 win away from their total win record from last year.

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Looking at what the Bills have going on right now and with half of the season over and the second half looking at them square in the face, where do the Bills stand in terms of making the playoffs.

As far as analytics go, everyone is projecting the Bills to be 9-7 finishing with about 8.9 wins as an average.  Thye are projected at about the 18th team in the league.

Are they better than a 9-7 record? I think they are.  The Bills have Kyle Orton, as a stop gap right now, but Orton is not a back-up journeyman.  He is a starting quarterback with years of experience in the league and it is shown.  He also has worked with Josh McDaniels out in Denver as well.  He has the experience and is not afraid to make a throw if he needs to.

The second thing that the Bills have going for them is their front end of their defense.  The front four is arguably the best in the league and leads the league in sacks.  The secondary has started to come together a bit and getting the turnovers.  With the addition of Brandon Spikes and Keith Rivers to stop the run, they are also toting one of the best run defense in the league as well.

When Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller get back into the lineup, their run game will get promoted to the next level and by then, the passing game will be firing on all cylinders.

With these three things in place, the Bills have a great shot at winning 10 games this year and they can start it off come next week with a win over the Chiefs followed by wins over the Jets, Dolphins, and Browns giving them a 9-3 record before the toughest part of the season, schedule wise.