Mishandling of C.J. Spiller Puts The AFC East In Jeopardy?


C.J. Spiller is a big name in Buffalo, and his contract will need addressing very soon. But, I have a few questions that need to be put out to Bills fans. First, is Spiller happy in Buffalo? Second and maybe on most people’s minds; is the coaching staff able to properly use his talents? I’m split on these issues. I feel that it really is a combination of the two.

Over the past few games Spiller has looked different. His speed and over all presence on the field seems to have changed. It was thought the former 9th overall draft pick would be electric in the back field, and captivation split-out wide, but other than a few solid years Spiller has really only been able to show flashes of greatness. 2011 and 2012 are the best rushing years in Spiller’s career, combined he 10 touchdowns and 1,805 rushing yards.

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With Doug Marrone in charge Spiller has been mishandled, and seeming unhappy. The unhappy aspect is to be expected when a talented player starts to feel like his time may be running out with his current team. It is also worth mentioning that Spiller may not be happy in Buffalo. While there is no way to confirm that; I’ll point out that despite Buffalo’s small town image we are a Bills crazed fan base, and a very educated football market. It is not easy to play here. Fans expect you to be worth your draft pick and your pay check, Spiller has not really had the chance to be worth his draft pick.

As this season rolls and the trade deadline approaches we could be looking to unload Spiller. The biggest problem with that thought is return on value. It’s simple not there. The NFL has become a passing league, and while Spiller’s talent it’s a great asset it is not valued the same as it would have been 10 years ago, or even 6 years ago.

If the Bills are going to make a run at the AFC East title, and I do believe they have a look at it this year; both Spiller and the coaching staff need to work this out. Keeping Spiller’s speed bottled up is just flat out dumb. If you watch Bills games you will see Spiller wants, and needs to break a run out side. He is not now, nor has he ever really been a straight forward runner. Yes, he can turn up field and break a run now and again, and he would be able to it more often if he was on the field more, but that doesn’t seem to be in the game plan.

When you combine the way C.J. Spiller is being used, and his apparent unhappiness I’m worried about the East title and more importantly the possibility of losing a talented player just because the people in charge couldn’t learn how to use their talented player. Looking at the AFC as a whole I think winning the East is the only way to make the Playoffs, and Spiller alone can’t do that. However, it is beginning to look like wasted talent on the Bills sideline, and that could spell disaster for everyone