Buffalo Bills: Weather Report Week One


Mandatory Credit: Alexey Ivanov – Flickr.com

The Buffalo Bills will face off against the Chicago Bears in Chicago at Soldier Field.

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With an outdoor stadium weather could come into effect and have a play in the outcome for the game.

Soldier field is known for its terrible conditions especially if it becomes wet.  Lets take a look at the weather in the Chicago area and see what it looks like for game time.

Taking a look at weather.com if shows that the weather in Chicago at game time, will be 73 degrees and sunny throughout the game.  There is a o percent chance that precipitation occurs for tomorrow.  It looks good for the quarterbacks to let loose and throw the deep ball.

In Buffalo, and I know it doesn’t really matter what the weather is in Orchard Park because the Bills are away, but in case your wondering, it will be just a couple of degrees colder than in Chicago, 67-69, during game time, but everything else is the same, sunny and no precipitation.

The only concern that I have is that I was told by a writer in for the FanSided Bear Goggles On, that One Direction had a two day concert at Soldier Field in late August (29th and 30th).  The Bears ground crew did lay new sod down but is a week long enough for it to take root or will it be tearing up on every cut and juke and step that is taken on it? I know that it takes several weeks minimally for new sod to take root and it hasn’t even been close to that. Will this effect the running game if C.J. Spiller or Fred Jackson try to turn on a dime? What about the wide receivers trying to make cuts in their routes?

This could cause problems especially later in the game as well as it will probably begin to get tore up.  Either way it will still be a fun game to watch and you couldn’t ask for better weather for the first day of the regular season in the NFL.