Buffalowdown Fantasy Football League 2

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 The Password is Taco

"Slated for a Seventh-Place Finish, The Password Is Taco Will be Average This Season Draft Summary Hopefully just because this draft was average, The Password Is Taco won’t purchase a muscle car or jacked-up truck to overcompensate. And hey, with the right breaks, maybe this team can reach the playoffs. They are projected to finish seventh in Buffalowdown League 2 League with a record of 6-8-0 (1,307 points). They clearly wanted to put together a wide receiver corps early, using three of their first five selections on Jordy Nelson (third round), Larry Fitzgerald (fourth round), and Percy Harvin (fifth round). They ended up with the lowest-scoring TE tandem in the league, as they have Kyle Rudolph and Garrett Graham. Stupid autodraft! Right? Since you can’t be blamed for that draft, go ahead and nominate yourself for the Toyota Hall Of Fame. Draft Notes • Maybe You Should Add Tony Gonzalez While You’re At It In Week 10, both Kyle Rudolph and Garrett Graham will be on bye for The Password Is Taco. • Next Year, Just Show Up On Time The coach of The Password Is Taco must have arrived late to the draft party. After picking up the fewest projected points in the league over the draft’s first half, they accumulated the most during the second half. • A Triumvirate of Talent The Password Is Taco has three above-average positions on their roster (RB, WR, and K). • Officially Mediocre While the bottom half of the The Password Is Taco roster is one of the strongest in the league (projected to be No. 1), the top of the roster is among the weakest (ranked No. 10). • Starting Slowly The Password Is Taco got off to a sluggish start, winding up with the fewest projected points in the league during the first half of the draft. • Fantasy Fútbol This is the American version, folks. The Password Is Taco elected to go with two kickers, rather than adding depth at other positions."