The Buffalo Bills Should Use C.J. Spiller As Trade Bait


Jul 21, 2014; Pittsford, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller (28) carries the ball as linebacker Jacquies Smith (56) pursues during training camp at St John Fisher College. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last week or so the internet has been abuzz with trade rumors surrounding C.J. Spiller and the Buffalo Bills. Once the rumors picked up wind they were met with major blowback from both the fans and media.

At first I was one of those who reacted with criticism. I quickly dismissed all rumors with the idea that there was no way the Bills would even think about shipping away Spiller. However, as time has progressed I have began to think that putting Spiller out on the market would not be that bad of an idea.

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The Bills are currently loaded at the running back position with Spiller, Fred Jackson and newly acquired Bryce Brown running the ball. Brown was traded for, Jackson is fresh off of a new contract extension, and Spiller is going into a contract year. All are scenarios that should have each player wanting to play his best and make an impression during the game.

If Brown starts to outperform Spiller he could slide into the number two spot behind Jackson which should almost solidify Spiller getting tossed on the trading block.

With that being said, Spiller should play some of his best football with contract talks in the near future, and better play should up his trade value. Which makes now the best time to get Spiller out onto the market and see what teams will offer in return for the running back.

If the Bills don’t make any moves they will just end up sitting on talent in the backfield which is a waist.

What is the worst that could happen, the Bills put his name out there and nothing plays out because other teams don’t want him or offer up a good return? Thats fine. That would be better than sitting on talent and doing nothing else.

But if the Bills are able to move Spiller they could bring in a piece to the puzzle that has been missing. Then another big if, Spiller doesn’t sign with his new team and come back to Buffalo. Okay, I might be stretching that a little but you get when I’m getting at.