Trade Rumors: C.J. Spiller On The Block?


Jul 21, 2014; Pittsford, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller (28) prepares to take the field during training camp at St John Fisher College. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills made moves to increase their depth at the running back position and are not in a position that a trade may be beneficial for them.

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C.J. Spiller is in a contract year, with no discussion of extensions at this point. When healthy, he is one of the most electrifying backs on the field.  In the past he has dealt with some injuries that have hurt his numbers and even with injuries he was still able to put together a productive season finishing with 933 yards and over 200 carries.

What are the Bills options at this point with the running back position?  The depth at running back consists of, obviously, C.J. Spiller, Fred Jackson, Bryce Brown, Anthony Dixon, and Ronnie Wingo.  Dixon is really your depth guy with Jackson, Spiller, and Brown fighting for 2 spots.  It is a good problem to have, and with the injuries that have occurred so far and the running back position around the league, the Bills could be fielding calls for Spiller by the end of training camp.

Bryce Brown brings a good set of wheels to the table and with Jackson looking at being a Bills for life and possibly getting a contract extension as well, Spiller might be the odd man out that can bring some value to the Bills.

Where could Spiller go?

The Carolina Panthers have always pushed for a strong running game and with Jonathan Stewart constantly being injured, it seems, and DeAngelo Williams not getting any younger, 31, the Panthers could be in the market to add some more depth to a thinning backfield.

The Seattle Seahawks are another team that might be in the market for the Bills back.  With Beast Mode, currently sidelined because of contract issues, and no other real defined starter, the Seahawks may need to push for a running back to add that second dimension for Russell Wilson.

The Baltimore Ravens, with Ray Rice being suspended, are now in a situation where they only really have a situational back in Bernard Pierce.  They could use a little more security in the backfield and Spiller might just be that guy to bring it to them.

The Indianapolis Colts are in need of a running back.  A definite starting running back. Vick Ballard went down with a torn Achilles and is out for the season.  With everyone else either old or aging past their prime or the others that are just basically unknown to the rest of the world, Spiller may be a fit in Colt-land.

What could the Bills get for Spiller?

With the depth that the Bills have, and the imperative need that some of the teams have, the Bills might be able to help out their draft picks for next season.  I don’t think that the Bills will get a first round for Spiller with his injury history, but the Bills may be able to squeeze and 2nd out of a team that is in desperate need of a back, but I think that a 3rd plus a late round, 5-7th, would be in the wheel house for the Bills to get for Spiller.

Do you think the Bills will trade Spiller, and if so, for what or who?

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