I Am Not Optimistic About the Buffalo Bills in 2014


Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

I love reading the comments on Buffalo websites as optimism reigns supreme at this time of year.  Every football team is 0-0 and the atmosphere, even in Buffalo, smells of playoff football.

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That is just it. Every year we have done the same thing for well over ten years.  The people of Western New York are tough.  We do not have time for thinking the worst is about to happen or maybe the economy is so bad; we have to think positive thoughts about our beloved sports teams.

I know I sit on the other side of the pond and do not have an “insider’s look” at what is happening in the NFL, but everything points to a rough season in Buffalo.   Last week’s news of Kiko Alonso did not help the situation, but even before his injury the Buffalo Bills were not going to be any better than a .500 team.

Not only do they have to attempt to fill Kiko’s shoes, but they never filled Jairus Byrd’s shoes, never addressed the back-up QB position (we need to pray for a healthy Manuel), they are banking on a resurgence at tight end, and what is going to happen with Marcell Dareus? But it is not just what the Bills didn’t address; it is what the other division teams did to get better that keeps me in a realistic mindset.

I do not want to be a Buzz Killington on the season and I certainly hope that I am wrong, but there are good men in Vegas putting their livelihood on the line that the Buffalo Bills are not going to win seven games.  I will wait until this team is sold and see the new owner.  Will he keep Doug Marrone and Doug Whaley?  Will a new owner bring the stability to the franchise to lure top-tier free agents?  Once things settle in ownership and the front office, maybe then my lack of optimism will be justified.

What do you think Buffalo? Am I way off base?  Prove to me that we are better than the Jets or even the Dolphins?  Show me that we didn’t trade away a top ten pick in the 2015 draft.   Please give me some hope!