Keeping The Buffalo Bills in Erie County: The South Towns


It’s just another day in Buffalo, and that means there are more reports coming out about where to put the new Buffalo Bills stadium. I have looked over two separate articles, one says put it on the Lackawanna waterfront, and the other says West Seneca. Both choices are only minutes away from Ralph Wilson Stadium. Whats the best location?

Lackawanna: There are people who want to see a waterfront stadium, but do not think Downtown Buffalo is the right way to go. If that is the case Lackawanna may be the only other choice in Erie County. If I need to pick between West Seneca and Lackawanna for the Bills new home I’ll go this way. Putting a retractable dome on the water front on land that is otherwise unused make sense. Not only is their room for the stadium, there is room for the beloved tailgating that Bills fans are so famous or should I say infamous for. There is still a way to connect the Buffalo water front and the possible location in Lackawanna stadium. It’s called a multi-use complex.

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You could make sure to keep a large amount of green space; allowing for family to use the surrounding area year round, build some docks, and allows the area boaters access to the land as well. This is about building the WNY area and water front as a whole. To do that you do not need to strictly build downtown Buffalo, you need to spread out the projects, or all you are doing is leaving your community in the dust.

West Seneca: While I really don’t like the idea of putting a Stadium one mile from my house, it is refreshing to see that there are bigger plans than building a stadium and leaving it with nothing around. If that was the case you should stay in Orchard Park. In the latest report by Niagara Falls Reporter, it is outlined that Tom Golisano and his partner Scott Congel are thinking big. If their bid is successful they would look to put a stadium on the old Seneca Mall site.  The plan would be to build Hotels, Shopping Centers, Apartments and more. Okay stop right there. The location being considered already has three hotels open. There is a K-Mart and two supermarkets. As for apartments, WHAT?

This location does have a few different thruway options close by, it also is big enough to support a stadium, but it’s not ideal. It in no way do much more than drive people nuts, you are basically land locked on all sides. However, if it takes a West Seneca site to save the Buffalo Bills, I’ll adjust.

Given the two choices and all things being equal I’m going water front. What location do you think sounds better?