Robert Woods Will take Over the Slot for the Buffalo Bills


Dec 1, 2013; Toronto, ON, Canada; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Robert Woods (10) catches a pass during the second half against the Atlanta Falcons at the Rogers Center. Falcons beat the Bills 34 to 31 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Johnson was traded last month to the San Fransisco 49ers.  The trade was one that was almost expected based on the moves that the Buffalo Bills had made previous to the trade.  The Bills brought in former Buccaneers receiver, Mike Williams, who has put up similar numbers to Johnson over his career and with the drafting of speedster Sammy Watkins, that sealed the deal.

Johnson was a big part of the Bills offense finishing in the top ten for the franchise.  Johnson, while with the Bills for 6 years, caught 301 passes (7th) for 3,832 yards (9th) and reigned in 28 touchdowns (7th). Not to shabby for 6 years as a receiver.

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The Bills made the move feeling confident, that with the loss of Stevie brings the ability to play Robert Woods in the slot.

"“We felt very comfortable with him being able to play the slot and be very successful there,” coach Doug Marrone said of Woods, who finished his rookie season with 40 catches for 587 yards and three touchdowns.– Jay Skurski,"

Woods feels that he is the guy to do it as well.

"“That feels pretty good. I’m confident in my game, what I can do. It’s a great thing that the organization thinks highly of me from that standpoint, but I’m just here to play my game,” Woods said after a recent spring practice. “I’m not trying to fill Stevie’s shoes, I’m just trying to do what I can do. Getting open, catching the rock, and just making some plays – being a playmaker for this team.”"

Woods is coming off of arthroscopic surgery for his ankle.  The procedure removed scar tissue from a former injury back in 2011.  Woods feels better than he did when he first had a similar surgery done to repair the ankle.  Woods is expected to be ready to play fully, when training camp comes around.

As of right now Woods is projected to play the slot.  With him in the slot and already having a good report with EJ Manuel, He could have a breakout sophomore year.  Mike Williams is expected to move the outside, having 25 touchdowns in his career with the Bucs in that position, would be a good fit.   On the opposite site of Williams, Watkins is the logical choice.  He is a fast receiver that is able to play both outside and the slot and with his sure-handedness this wide receiving crew is looking better and better, but everything usually looks better on paper before you see it perform.  The excitement awaits.