Buffalo Bills New Stadium: It’s About Location Too


Everyone in Buffalo knows that the Buffalo Bills will most likely have a new stadium for the Bills to call home in the near future. The question remains will it be in Buffalo, or another part of Western New York. The fan side of me doesn’t care as long as the Bills stay the Buffalo Bills, but that’s only half the solution.

A new stadium is something that will set up the franchise for another 50 years; it is something that our children and their children will view as the home of the Buffalo Bills. If you ask some people around the Buffalo area they will say placing what is now known as Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park was the first big mistake the Bill and Erie County made. The task at hand is to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

With names being added to the list of possible buyers and some partners coming to light as well the rumors are going to keep flying in. Yesterday news broke that Tom Golisano will bid on the team. But, as quickly as that news broke, another wrinkle came up. Golisano’s alleged partner Scott Congel may undo any good will Golisano has built up. Congel who is part of Pyramid Management Group owns the vacant dumping ground know as the Seneca Mall in West Seneca.

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Just taking that into consideration and the fact that I live about one-mile from there makes me worried. That land is nothing more than a big eye sore, and the neglect shown to the area makes me question what kind of business man Congel truly is. On the other hand this is about locations, not the men who own land.

But, that goes to my point. The new stadium needs to be placed in an area that allows for the easiest access to the event; it needs to have the characteristics of Buffalo herself. Time and time again a water front stadium has come up, and that idea seems like it would look nice, but is it really the best solution?  The more I think about it the more I like the idea of a multi-use stadium. I want the retractable dome, and I feel it needs to have hotels nearby. The location of a future stadium is all about drawing people to the Buffalo area. No matter where the stadium goes some improvements will need to be down to the property, streets, and surrounding area.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking this is only about football. This is about doing whatever it takes to keep the Bills in Buffalo, and growing Buffalo at the same time. The location of this stadium is almost just as important as finding an owner to keep the Bills here.

The Buffalo Bills and the NFL want to see revenue grow.  Just dropping a stadium on a vacant plot of land is not a solution to the problem; it will only cause this very same conversation to come back up on 40-50 years.