Buffalo Bills History: Who Wore It – Number 25

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We move on today and look to finish the first quarter of the jersey numbers in Buffalo Bills History. We look at those 21 players that wore the number 25 for the Bills during their history.

We start by looking at 4 different players for the Bills that wore the number 25.  Billy Majors was drafted by the Bills in the 1961 draft in the 7th round.  Majors was only with the Bills for the season.  The second player of our four is that of Vern Valdez.  Valdez also played for the Bills in 1961 and only played for them during that season.  Valdez played for the Rams in 1960 and finished with the Raiders in 1962 to end his career.  Number 3 on our list was that of Jim Crotty.  Jim Crotty played  for the Bills for two years, from 1961-1962.  Crotty finished his career with the Bills and played 2 years prior with the Redskins.  The fourth player to play for the Bills during the 1961 season was that of Fred Brown.  Brown played for 2 seasons with the Bills in 1961 he wore the jersey number 46 and in 1963 he wore the number 25.  He was draft a round before Majors was in the 1961 draft.

In 1962, John Yaccino was seen in the number 25 for the Bills. He only played for that season in the AFL.

In 1964, Oliver Dobbins was the next Bills player to wear number 25.  As like Yaccino, Dobbins played one year in his career and it was with the Bills.

We go 4 years before we see another 25 on the field.  This player had a 4 year stint with the Bills playing 1968-1972.  Haven Moses is the next player on our list. Moses was drafted by the Bills as the 9th overall player.  He was traded to the Broncos in 1972 and played with them until he retired in 1981.

Roland Hooks played for the Bills from 1976-1982.  Hooks only played for the Bills in his career.  Hooks, back in 1979, scored 4 touchdowns in the first half of a game on his first 4 carries.  He also caught a Hail Mary, thrown by Joe Ferguson in 1981 to beat the Patriots 20-17 and solidify a spot in that years playoffs.

Jesse Murdock is the next Bills to wear number 25.  He only played for the Bills during the 1983 season.