Are The Buffalo Bills “Livin On A Prayer”?


The Buffalo Bills need a new owner, but that very idea strike fear into the hearts of Bills fans everywhere. One name that keeps coming up is Jon Bon Jovi, but he wants to move the team to Toronto.

At least one NFL owner thinks Bon Jovi would be a good choice. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had put his two cents in, and frankly he can have it back. Jones whose Cowboys have recently moved in to a $1 Billion stadium shockingly wants a polarizing figure to take over the Bills. For Jones it is all about the money and for whatever reason Bon Jovi and Toronto make’s him happy.  But, Bon Jovi is a “Complicated” idea.

Bills fans and some high-ranking officials are hell-bent on keeping the team in Buffalo, and in my opinion Bon Jovi can take his bid and “Bounce”. From a fan stand point this is not going to be a Canadian team. If Bon Jovi and his group believe that moving the team to Canada will retain fans on this side of the border they can travel back up the 401 and get Lost on a Highway.

As for Jerry Jones and his flapping of the gums, I understand his would directly benefit for engaging a larger market, but I just can’t stand the way he goes about telling everyone how he feels. Now really is not the time to be putting your thoughts out there Jerry. It just goes to show you when it come to the NFL and the business of owning a team it becomes political. I would expect a war of word to be coming soon, as Bills fans and backers will not take this laying down.

"“To the end that we can create more rivalries and involve larger viewing audiences, populations, that’s something that you have to look at when you get a chance to, and that’s the debate between Buffalo and Toronto.” [PFT]"

It’s one thing to say we are a small market, but it’s another to support moving a team into another country. It’s like Field of Dream, if we build it they will come. Companies and big spenders will come to WNY.  It seems the future of the Bills in WNY is directly ties to a new stadium, but with nothing written in stone the Bills future may be Livin On A Prayer.