Buffalo Bills History: Who Wore It – Number 22


Dec 29, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson (22) runs downfield against the New England Patriots during the second half of New England

Today we look at 12 players in Buffalo Bills history that wore the number 22.

Jim Wagstaff started it for the Bills and the number 22. He played for the Bills for 2 seasons from 1960-1961.

Halfback Wayne Crow was the second to appear in the number 22.  He played for the Bills from 1962-1963. He was draft by the AFL Oakland Raiders in 1960 and finished with the Bills in 1963.

Charley Warner played for the Bills from 1964-1966.  He was drafted by the Chiefs in 1963 and finished his career in 1966 with the Bills.

Running Back Max Anderson was the next player to wear the number 22.  He played for the Bills for 3 years, from 1968-1970.  The Buffalo Bills were Anderson’s only team.

The next player did come until a couple of years later, 1973-1974 we saw safety Bill Cahill wearing the number 22.  Cahill was drafted in the 7th round of the 1973 draft by the New Orleans Saints, their first expansion year.  He quickly moved on to the Bills in ’73.

Defensive Back Steve Freeman is next on the list to wear the number 22 for the Bills.  Freeman played for the Bills from 1975-1986.  In Freeman’s 12 seasons with the Bills he totaled 23 interceptions and 5 touchdowns.  He went on to play 1 more season, 1987, with the Minnesota Vikings before retiring.

During the time from of 1988-1990, there were two players that wore the number 22 for a bit of time.  John Hagy played for the Bills from 1988-1990 and Erroll Tucker played for the Bills from 1988-1989.  Hagy did switch to the number 49 and wore that for most of his time in Buffalo.

Notre Dame Alumni Jeff Burris is the next player to tote the number 22.  He played for the Bills from 1994-1997.  Burris played for three teams during his 10 years in the NFL; Bills, Colts, and Bengals.  He is currently the cornerbacks coach and quality control for the Miami Dolphins.

Daryl Porter is the next defensive back in the string of 3 to play for the Bills and wear number 22.  He played for the Bills from 1998-2000.  Porter came into the league with the Lions in 1997.  He finished with the Patriots in 2002 but never saw any time on the field with them as he was just part of the off-season/practice squad teams.

The third defensive back to wear the number 22 in a back to back to back showing is Nate Clements.  Clements, from Ohio State played with the Bills from 2001-2006.  Clements was a first round selection by the Bills.  He saw his only Pro Bowl while in a Bills jersey.  He was last seen in a Bengals uniform back in 2012 and is currently a free agent.

The most current player for the Bills that dons the number 22 is none other than one of the best running back duos in the league currently, Fred Jackson.  Jackson has been a part of the team since coming to the Bills in 2007.  Jackson was part of the NFL Europe league in 2006 and was invited to the Bills in 2006 to be a part of training camp.  Jackson is currently 3rd on Buffalo’s all-time rushing list with 5,121 yards and 28 touchdowns.  Only Thurman Thomas, 11,938, and O.J. Simpson, 10,183 are in front of him.