Doug Whaley Better Be Right On Stevie Johnson


June 19, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson (13) looks for a pass during the Bills minicamp at the Ralph Wilson Stadium practice field. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that the Bills have traded away their best receiver they have had in years.  My question to that is why?  Stevie Johnson was dealt to the 49ers for a draft pick and now can begin a new chapter in his career.

When I heard the news I just couldn’t believe it.  Wanting to build their roster and put weapons around EJ Manuel is a good idea but taking them away?  People are going to say he’s a bum and is not any good but before you do look at the stats.  A great route runner and all around good player I believe was never given a full shot to show what he had to give with the lack at the quarterback position. The fumble thing I bet will come out for sure but remember he’s had 3 fumbles since being drafted yes 3.  Stevie for now is the only Bills receiver to post consecutive 1,000 yard seasons.

As for the guys we got now I understand the Watkins pick and happy they finally did something they wanted to do in the draft but whom else do they have? Let’s take a look.

Robert Woods who was taken in last year’s draft.  It was said that he could eventually be a team’s number one but I’m not sure that will ever happen.  In no way am I saying he’s a bad player but he didn’t even post a 100 yard game last season and the only thing that’s come to mind when I think of him was when he punched the Dolphins defensive back’s helmet.  Smart huh?

Marquise Goodwin who also was taken in last year’s draft.  Goodwin will be a guy that will produce at times and should be looked at as a threat when on the field but how will he be used?  Hopefully he turns into a little more of a possession guy rather than a burner.  He’s probably my favorite out of the group not seeing Watkins play yet.

TJ Graham is a guy that I wonder how he still has a job.  The Bills who had traded up to get him years back has done absolutely nothing in his time in Buffalo.   Posting a 3 reception game with a TD last season was said to be his best game in his career.  That’s sad if you ask me.

Lastly there is newly acquired Mike Williams.   I’m still wondering why we got him.  Looking at his stats he really hasn’t done anything outstanding and now he’s coming onto a team with very little experience at the position. Could care less that he was born if Buffalo.  I just want guys to come in and play well for this team.  Also just so you know he’s played two less years than Stevie and has more fumbles than him.

So looking forward I really hope Johnson produces in San Francisco and shows this Bills team.  Getting rid of skilled players that help your team is something that shouldn’t be happening.  Maybe it will work but I just don’t see it.