Buffalo Bills History: Who Wore Number 3


Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsWe have looked at the players that have worn numbers 1 and 2 so far. Moving on to number 3 we will look at 5 players that have worn the number. Of the 5 players to wear number 3 four of them were placekickers and the fifth is our current QB, EJ Manuel.

The four placekickers to wear the number 3 were Pete Gogolak, John Leypoldt, Todd Schlopy, and John Potter.

John Potter is the most recent place kicker to wear number 3. He was drafted by Buffalo in 2012 as the 251st overall pick. He only last a year in Buffalo and now kicks for the Detroit Lions.

Pete Gogolak started it out for the number 3s playing for Buffalo during 1964 – 1965. John Leypoldt was next playing in Buffalo from 1971 – 1976. Todd Schlopy rounds out the crew of placekickers playing for Buffalo during the 1987 striked season.

EJ Manuel is the most recent to don the number 3 and everyone in Buffalo is hoping that it will become the next number 12.
Manuel was brought to Buffalo as the 16th overall pick in last years draft as well as the first QB taken in the draft. Expectations were high for Manuel and the pressure was on. Even more pressure was put on Manuel when Kevin Kolb slipped and fell on a rubber may and injured himself to the point of being placed on IR for the season.

Manuel came off of a decent rookie year, even with a couple of knee injuries, and the expectations are even higher coming into his sophomore year. With a QB coach being brought in and still the possibility of a veteran QB, Manuel is set to improve from last years performance.