Buffalo Bills Finalize Trade


Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; E.J. Manuel is introduced as the number sixteen overall pick to the Buffalo Bills during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have acquired the first overall pick from the Houston Texans. As the first overall pick comes to the Buffalo Bills, the Bills send the Texans; the 2014 9th overall pick, 2nd rounders in 2015 and 2016, Jerry Hughes, Stevie Johnson and Manny Lawson.

One part that was missing from this block buster of a trade was E.J. Manuel. The deal was originally thought to be contingent on whether the first year QB would be moved to the Texans, however a unnamed source close to the action has stated that the Texans are looking to draft a QB and are willing to see who makes out of the fray of the first 8 picks.

The Bills now look to either be targeting Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack with the first overall pick, allowing Jim Schwartz who, on top of loving this April fools day joke, loves a complete Defensive line with stars at every position. The pick looks to be hinging on whether or not Clowney has a good pro day. If he shows out well at it, then the Bills will seem to be a lock for drafting him however, if he is either out of shape or just doesn’t do well it would seem Mack would be the quintessential pick at that position.

Some would argue that the Bills should either select another QB or Sammy Watkins with the first overall pick, however the Bills wouldn’t be wise to go either of those routes because they could’ve payed a lot less moving up only a few picks to get to an area where either of those picks would’ve been possible. With this pick the Bills will become real contenders in the AFC East. The Texans receive one of the best slot receivers in the NFL in Stevie Johnson, they also get two players who are coming off their best season of their respective careers. Jerry Hughes who was a pass rushing menace off the edge last season with 10.5 sacks in the Mike Pettine’s defensive system, and Manny Lawson had an exceptional year with 4 sacks, 52 tackles, a forced fumble, and an interception. Both of these players will fit well into the Texans 3-4 defense and will open up many possibilities for the Texans this upcoming draft. For anyone reading this, and is still in disbelief that the Bills could go this route, this is a April Fools Day prank not to be taken seriously.

Happy April Fools Day Billievers