Will Taylor Lewan’s Charges Effect Buffalo’s Look at Him?


Dec 28, 2013; Tempe, AZ, USA; Michigan Wolverines offensive lineman Taylor Lewan (77) walks off the field following the game against the Kansas State Wildcats during the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium. Kansas State defeated Michigan 31-14. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Back in December, Taylor Lewan and Michigan had just lost to Ohio State.  Later that night, a fight had broken out in a bar.

The  Ann Arbor News reports that Taylor Lewan was part of that fight back on the 1st of December and is being charged with one count of aggravated assault and two counts of assault and battery.

With this new charge that has just come about, how will it affect Lewan’s draft stock.  Taylor Lewan is projected as the 9th best player through CBS Sports’ Draft Prospects and is ranked as the 3rd best tackle in this years draft, behind that of Greg Robinson and Jake Matthews.

Taylor defends himself and states that he is not that kind of person.

"“I wasn’t in any fight of any kind,” he said at a press conference. “I was actually breaking something up and some guy said that I slugged him. But that’s not who I am off the field, that’s not the kind of person I am. I might seem that way because of the way I play football, but that’s not who I am as a person.”"

Lewan will have to convince NFL teams officials that he isn’t that kind of person and I wouldn’t be surprised if some teams do shy away from him in this years draft due to this incident.  At this time, he is the only one that is being charged and the article states that unless new evidence is presented it will stay that way.

"Detective Lt. Robert Pfannes confirmed the charges, but declined to release more information about the investigation. He said it’s standard procedure is to not release investigation results before a suspect is arraigned.“Unless new information surfaces, it appears he’s the only who is going to be charged at this time,”Pfannes said."

Will the Bills look at Lewan if he is available at #9?  I don’t know how much influence this will have on the Bills but it will have some.  Some teams don’t want issues on or off the field and the Bills have been one of those teams.  Even if Lewan is available at 9, I don’t think the Bills will jump.  I think they are looking at Matthews and if he isn’t there then they will look at Evans.  There is a deep cast of offensive lineman that the Bills can look at in this draft so I believe that they will be looking in a different direction rather than looking at Lewan.