Free Agency Series Part I: Free Agency Fantasies


Mario Williams was a big signing by the Bills in 2012.

Let’s face it, how often have Bills fans felt giddy during free agency?  Mario Williams was a great day.  Chris Spielman was a good day, even after losing Cornelius Bennett.  Takeo Spikes was a good day, as well as London Fletcher.  Even Terrell Owens felt like a great day.  These aside, when have Bills fans truly felt absolutely giddy about a free agent signing?   What if that day is March 11th 2014?

Imagine that Buffalo could sign any free agent hitting the open market.  What free agent signing would make you ecstatic?  Outside of re-signings, here are few free agency pickups that would make me snoopy dance around the house:

Eric Decker would be an amazing signing.  First thing he would do is help take the pressure off Stevie Johnson.  As we’ve seen in the past, more often than not, Stevie Johnson has been a target of secondaries.  Bringing in a receiver like Decker would open up the passing game, along with providing young quarterback E.J. Manuel with a reliable target.  If this fantasy were to become a reality the Bills would need to give up Mario Williams type money, but doesn’t the idea of him in a Bills uniform sound great?

Eric Decker was one of Peyton Manning’s favorite targets in 2013.

Scott Chandler has been decent in Buffalo, but what if the Bills signed Jimmy Graham?  There should be little dispute that the tight end can become one of a NFL quarterbacks favorite targets.  There’s no doubt that when Graham was healthy, Drew Brees was looking his way.  The same could be said for Manuel and Chandler.  Last season Graham accounted for over 1,200 yards receiving and 16 touchdowns.  Considering how weak the Bills were in the red zone, wouldn’t the signing of Graham get your heart pumping.

Maybe not a signing that would make you ecstatic, but wouldn’t Brian Orakpo look nice in a Bills uniform?  I thought so in 2009. Instead the Bills drafted Aaron Maybin, who at last check was “tearing it up” in the CFL.  Kiko Alonso gave the Bills a great presence at middle linebacker.  Outside linebacker is where the Bills have been lacking the past couple of seasons.  Last year Orakpo put up his best season statistically with 43 tackles and 10 sacks.  The extra presence that Orakpo would bring could help solidify the run defense, along with adding even more pressure to an already dangerous pass rush.

Jimmy Graham is arguably one of the best tight ends in the NFL

There’s plenty of other free agents hitting the market this year that would make March 11th feel like Christmas day for Bills fans.  Who are your free agent fantasies?