Where do the Bill put the Franchise Tag?


Dec 29, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter (2) kicks for the extra point against the New England Patriots during the second half at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Bills 34-20. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Florio from Profootballtalk.com looked at where the franchise tag could be place on a team by team basis. With the Franchise tag only being used 8 times last year, down from 21 the year before, what are Buffalo’s options for the franchise tag.

Florio states that using the tag on someone like Jairus Byrd, again this year, will warrant a 20% increase in salary for the free agent safety putting him in the 8.29M dollar range, which Florio thinks is going to be too much for a safety to be paid this year.

Florio also believes that the right person for the Bills to tag is kicker Dan Carpenter.

"“The Bills used the franchise tag on safety Jairus Byrd in 2014.  He’d be entitled to a 20-percent raise over his $6.916 million franchise-tag salary, which equates to $8.2992 million for 2014.  Which equates to way too much on a one-year deal for a safety.  This year’s tag ultimately could go to kicker Dan Carpenter, given that the tag for specialists is very affordable — and in light of the fact that Carpenter tied a franchise record for field goals made in a season (33), with four coming beyond 50 yards.”"

Would Carpenter be the right pick, even if negotiations go stale with Byrd?  I know monetarily it would not cost the Bills a lot to franchise a kicker, but would you want to?  I know that the Bills could save money in the long run with a long term deal with Carpenter and with him tying the franchise record for field goals made, it should be considered by the Bills.

I wouldn’t mind the Bills spending the franchise tag on Byrd and the 8.3M that comes with it, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.  This would also guarantee them and Byrd one more year together as well as another year to get negotiations done for a long-term deal.

Would Byrd ideally like another franchise, no probably not, and it could cause a rift to where after next year there is no hope for a renewed long term contract.  The 8.3M price tag that comes with the franchise tag is close to what Byrd has rumored to want in a yearly salary.

If your not a fan of the franchise tag being put on Byrd, another option would be for the Bills to come up with a combination contract, and by this I mean, incentive based, to reach the dollar mark that Byrd is looking for.  It allows the Bills an out financially, if Byrd gets hurt or is unable to make the mark stats-wise.  But then, if Byrd does meet his obligations on the field, it only helps the Bills and their defense out and possibly wins more games.  It is a win-win for the Bills with an incentive based deal.

What do you think?