The Bills Should Be All In On Eric Ebron


Sep 7, 2013; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels tight end Eric Ebron (85) dives into the endzone over Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders corner back Jared Singletary (24) on a 2-point conversion attempt at Kenan Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

When the Bills step up to the podium this year to make their first selection of the draft they will have the chance to get an elite player. I know people will say an offensive lineman will be the way to go but what a waste in my opinion. That could be addressed in free agency or later in the draft but what this team needs is a player that could make a difference on the offensive side to produce points and also to give EJ Manuel another option. If he is still available and I say he is the Bills should take Eric Ebron.

Coming out of North Carolina he will surely be a force with any team that takes him. His 6’4” 245lbs frame will make him a definite threat for any opposing defense. The questions this team will have about who’s the number one receiver and will TJ Graham even make the roster could all be put on hold if this guy was to step in and help everyone around him. Don’t get me wrong those areas will need to be addressed but having a guy come in to possibly reunite everyone could have people talking about the present and hopeful success rather than people yelling for players departures. I just can’t remember a player coming onto this team’s offense recently that had people excited about how they could help contribute? I know people will say CJ Spiller but when we got him we were told basically he was only drafted because he was the best player on the board. Here’s a look at Eric’s stats.

Strengths: Good vision, hands, easy acceleration to beat the defender, dangerous after the catch, physical and still coming into his own with skill

Weaknesses: Still developing, is in need of a coaching staff to show how to use his size to his advantage, could work on route running and blocking to refine his skills

So when we look at the teams that have been successful most have an established tight end in their arsenal. It’s not always the case but the Bills have a chance to get a good a one and let’s hope they don’t go in a different direction. Agree or are you set on going after a different position?